Will the ‘Drive-In’ Movie Experience Make a Comeback in 2020?

It could be the best option to maintaining physical distancing

The Sunset-Barrie Drive-In is currently closed until further notice.

This Summer I think we could see a major resurgence with Drive-In Movie Theatre popularity. Even with Hollywood movie productions at a standstill delaying any and all big releases, the Drive-In could feature classic favourites instead.

In B.C. there are locations preparing to meet all expectations for physical distancing:

  • Vehicles will only be permitted to use every other parking spot
  • Screens will only feature 1 movie instead of the typical 2 to minimize traffic
  • Concession orders will be made from a checklist
  • Concessions will deliver hot dogs, treats and popcorn to vehicles
  • Cash-free tap payment
  • Sanitizing stations

Once we’re able to slowly re-open businesses safely we’ll see what awaits us but the Sunset-Barrie Drive-In might be this summer’s primary safe entertainment option.