$1000 Friday, March 6th

How did you do this morning? Sarah got $60 today!

  1. What two colours must you mix together to make Green?
    (Blue and Yellow/Yellow and Blue)





 2. How many territories are there in Canada?
(3 – Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon)






 3. If you have 20 quarters, how any dollars do you have?






 4. Retired NBA Player Shaquelle O’Neal celebrates a birthday today. TRUE OR FALSE: Shaq is over 7 feet tall.
(TRUE – 7’1”)






 5. What do you call a person who diagnoses and treats skin disorders?






 6. FILL IN THE BLANK: Today we celebrate “milk’s favorite cookie” as today is National (blank) cookie Day.






7. SPELL: Acrylic.
(A C R Y L I C)






8. The Maple Leafs faced the LA Kings last night. Who are they playing tonight?






9. Zinfandel, Malbec, and Riesling are all different types of what?






 10. On a standard keyboard, what letter is between Q and E?