$1000 Tuesday, November 12th

How did you do today?

1)    This month is recognized as “Movember” what type of cancer does this support awareness for?







2)    The ‘Cloud Gate’ sculpture or better known as ‘The Bean’ is located in which American City?







3)    Last night Kawhi Leonard faced the Toronto Raptors. Which team does he now play for?
(Los Angeles/LA/Clippers)








4)  Carrie is saving for a new snowboard that costs $675. If she already has $125, how much more money does she need to save?








5)  Name the new movie coming to theatres this week that is a continuation of the film series released in the early 2000s about 3 young women detectives.
(Charlie’s Angels)









6)  SPELL: Continuation.
(C O N T I N U A T I O N)








7)  Ryan Gosling celebrates a birthday today. TRUE OR FALSE: Ryan was born in Canada.
(TRUE – London, Ontario)









8)  If someone refers to the slogan “The King of Beers” what beer are they talking about?









9)  From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, what colour bandana does Donatello wear?









10) What letter comes after V in the alphabet?