Billie Eilish Offers Concert Tickets to Fans Who Fight Climate Change

Its the 17-year-olds that are changing the world!

Billie Eilish is headed out on tour next year and a lot of her shows are already sold out, but there is a way fans can get their hands of tickets.


Billie has been very publicly passionate about climate change, and if you feel the same way she does, it might get you into her show.


“I did not want you guys to have to buy tickets from scalpers, and I know you all really want to come to the shows,” the 17-year-old announced in a social media video. “I teamed up with a great organization called Global Citizen to help come up with a way to earn tickets to the Where Do We Go tour.”


Eilish directed fans to her own Global Citizen page to sign up for more details on combating problems like pollution and climate change.