45% of Millennials Say They Wouldn’t Date Someone Who Doesn’t Recycle

Millennials love the earth and are willing to sacrifice a relationship for it!

Younger generations are more concerned about global warming compared to other generations.


Heads up millennials looking for love!  If you don’t recycle, you may not find love according to a new survey.


The survey was conducted by Decluttr- an online marketplace that sells unwanted DVDs, games, books, and tech items.


Decluttr found that 47% of young people would not want to date someone who doesn’t recycle.  Another 45% said they wouldn’t date someone who used an excessive amount of single-use plastic.


The survey also found that respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 said they believe that global warming is a real serious threat. In fact, this is issue is so important to millennials that 71% feel that the environment is more important than the economy!


The survey found that 90% of millennials and Gen Z’ers recycle regularly while 43% choose to compost and 27% shop “zero plastic” as a way to save the earth.


The top two items that are reportedly hitting landfills in 2020 are charging cords and cables at 49% and headphones at 42%, according to Decluttr.