Update: Charges Laid After Pet Store Robbery In Barrie

Investigators Are Still Searching For 4 Kittens

July 11th – The Barrie Police Service say a 21-year-old Innisfil man has been charged in connection to this theft. Police are still looking for four kittens.

June 27th – Barrie Police confirm that the missing nine-week-old puppy has been safely returned to Doogans Pet Emporium at Kozlov mall after being stolen Sunday night. They say they are still looking for 4 kittens, who may have been given to residents who live on Jans blvd in Innisfil. Their asking anyone who may have received one of the kittens to bring them to Doogans, as they are still in need of some of their vaccinations. Police are hoping the public can help find the man who robbed the pet store in Barrie, and the animals he took with him. Surveillance video shows the man breaking into Doogans Pet Emporium at Kozlov Mall Sunday night around 3:20, and making off with a puppy and four kittens. The kittens are described as one beige, one grey and 2 black.

Photos Courtesy of Barrie Police Service