A Booze Pinata That Spits Out Mini Bottles Is Exactly What You Need For Your Christmas Party!


What could be better than being blindfolded and swing a bat around in hopes of hitting something and hopefully not someone!

But what makes every situation better?  Booze, especially around the holidays…


These booze Pinata are filled with little travel bottles of booze, so with every smash of the Pinata, a mini bottle of booze or two will fall out for everyone to scurry and hope to grab.

Due to the weight limit, the maximum capacity is 25 mini travellers and also comes with 20 feet of rope for easy hanging, a blindfold, a smashing stick and all kinds of candy!

The booze in the Pinata includes Fireball, jagermeister, schnapps, tequila, Vodka, Rum and more…. You can buy – a Santa Pinata also called “Drunk Santa.”  Frosty the booze filled snowman is currently sold out!

How great are Pinata’s!   Buy Yours!