A Third of Girls Won’t Post Selfies Without Altering It First, Says Study

How times have changed.

Remember back in the day before social media and filters when your photo was taken and you hoped to god, it would turn out ok?


Oh, how times have changed!  According to a new study, a third of girls between the ages of 11 and 21 said they would never post a pic of themselves online without using a filter or app to change their appearance first.


And 33% said they have quickly deleted photos that haven’t received enough likes or comments.  This highlights the pressures of looking a certain way online. 

39% of the respondents aged 11-21 said they feel upset that they cannot look the same in real life as they do online.  44% of girls say that the fear others will criticize their body-stops them from wanting their picture taken…


Eight out of ten girls said they had considered physically changing how they look, with more than half believing this could improve their confidence and make them feel better about themselves.