An Italian Restaurant Is Giving Away Free Wine, If Customers Do This…


We’ve all been guilty of doing it. Leaving your cell phone on the table while out at a restaurant…

When we’re not scrolling while using the loo, getting social media updates while commuting and tapping our touchscreens for notifications, our phones are also close by when we eat.

But the Al Condominio Ristorante Italiano in Verona, Italy, has come up with a deliciously boozy way to stop this trend.

Diners will be offered free bottles of wine if they separate themselves from their devices for the duration of the meal, hiding them away in special lockers.

The owner told a local publication “We wanted to open a restaurant that was different from the others.”

The restaurant owner went on to say that ‘technology is becoming a problem’. He added: ‘There is no need to look at your phone every five seconds, but for many people, it is like a drug… this way they have an opportunity to put it aside and drink some good wine.’

Customers will be given the option to lock their phones away in a box at the entrance. Once they show their key to the waiter, they’ll be treated to a bottle of booze.