Battery-Powered Buzzer Sticks To Your Forehead And Stops You From Snoring…

Know anyone who needs this?

If your person snores, you know the reality of trying to get a good nights sleep.  Constantly sleeping with a pillow over your head or perhaps you kick them to stop the snoring, for even just a few minutes!

There is a new device out there that may make kicking your partner a thing of the past.


It’s all thanks to a new battery-powered buzzer.  The device is called Somnibel and you wear it on your forehead.  It will gently vibrate to alert you when you’re snoring!


The buzzing doesn’t stop until you roll over and you stop snoring!


Its website explains: “It is a Medical product that consists of a small piece of equipment weighing 17 g that sticks to the forehead using a single-use hypoallergenic adhesive.

Its not available to buy yet, but here’s hoping!  It would make a great Christmas gift- Just saying!