Beach Chairs Are The Hot Must-Have Item This Summer And They’re Hard To Find


First toilet paper, then cleaning products (we still can’t find Lysol wipes) and sanitizer still must-have items.


The newest product that’s sold out everywhere is beach chairs.  People are buying them for socially distance outside activities, so they’re becoming harder to find.


It appears that beach chairs are this summers must-have item.  They are perfect for socially distant hangouts in your backyard, on beaches, and in parks.  They’re even perfect for having a socially distant mini tailgate in a parking lot.

For this reason, beach chairs appear to be very hard to find, and the ones that you do find are a little pricey!  Some sites are marking up basic plastic chairs that are usually around $40, now costing people $300!


Perhaps we should anticipate what will be the must-have items for the winter!  Salt? Snowshoes, Toboggans, Aerosol Lysol Spray…