Breonna Taylor Graces The Cover Of Vanity Fair’s “The Great Fire” Issue And Why It’s Not Enough

Arrest and charge Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove.

Progress seems to be one step forward and two steps backward recently.

With #BlackLivesMatter trending again (as it should have been in forever) due to the events involving Jacob Blake being shot SEVEN times by police in Wisconsin, more news has come from the movement.

Breonna Taylor, who was murdered by police in Louisville who were executing a “no-knock” warrant, is gracing yet ANOTHER magazine cover!

Not only was she on the cover of “O” Magazine, she’ll now be covering Vanity Fair.

The issue, dubbed “The Great Fire”, is being guest-edited by legendary author Ta-Nehisi Coates speaks on racial inequality and police brutality in the U.S.

The cover story’s portrait was painted by an incredible black artist, Amy Sherald. The issue also features a full length interview with Breonna’s mother.

Many are happy that her story continues to be told, but others are furious, like myself.

There’s no better way to summarize the frustration than this tweet:

Yes, it’s great she’s covering major publications but you know what would be better? If these three men who murdered this innocent woman would be arrested and CHARGED.

Breonna was murdered at the age of 27 back in MARCH.


That’s why #BlackLivesMatter is furious and as am I. This keeps continuing, and I’m hopeful change WILL come.