Buckingham Palace Has A New Gin As A Side Hustle!

Gin is the Queen's favourite drink!

According to CTV News, Royal Collection Trust, a department of the Royal Household that oversees Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and the royal art collection, has started selling premium small-batch London dry gin, retailing at £40.00 (CAD$68) per bottle.


It’s infused with 12 different Barries and botanicals hand-picked from the gardens at Buckingham Palace.

Proceeds from the sale of the gin will go towards the trust, a registered charity.  The money is also going to help the royals through the pandemic as it’s estimated that they will lose $51 million.


The first batch sold out in minutes, and a new batch is coming in the next few weeks.

Gin is said to be the Queen’s favourite cocktail!  According to the magazine, the cocktail is the Queen’s first of four drinks per day, including a glass of wine with lunch, followed by a dry gin martini, and a glass of champagne before bed.