Canadian Starbucks Shutting Down Today For ‘Anti-Bias’ Training

Over 1,000 Stores Will Be Closed

Coffee lovers will have to look elsewhere for their afternoon java Monday, as Starbucks is shutting down more than 1,100 of their Canadian stores for training.

These closures follow their American counterparts who closed down over 8,000 stores last month for similar training as a “conversation and learning session on race, bias, and inclusion.”

This decision came following a horrifying display of racism, when Starbucks employees in Philadelphia called the cops on two black men waiting in the store for a business meeting. After the men were arrested by police, the story went viral.


Starbucks President Michael Conway wrote in a letter isn’t just about the Philadelphia story, “this is about humanity.”

“We’re closing our stores again now because we must never be complacent in our desire to be inclusive, to live our mission and values, and to create a culture of warmth and belonging every time. The reprehensible event in Philadelphia prompted us to reflect and led to this day. This isn’t just about the events of Philadelphia, or about race, or about social challenges in America. This is about humanity.”

Canadian stores will be shut down for a few hours starting at 3 p.m.