Carve A Pineapple Instead Of Pumpkins This Halloween!

Save a pumpkin- Carve a pineapple!

It’s a new trend and we’re totally on board.  Save a pumpkin- Carve a pineapple!  This makes way more sense- like why haven’t we been doing this the entire time!


Tired of the traditional pumpkin  jack-o’-lantern, or don’t want to deal with the mess?   Try this tropical alternative instead.


What you’re going to need:

A pineapple

A cutting board

Two knives – one large, one small

Pineapple corer

Paper towels

Flameless candle

Now, follow these step-by-step instructions, as demonstrated in the video. 


Step 1: Carefully cut the top off the pineapple.

Step 2: Core the pineapple, using the corer.

Step 3: Drain the juice out into a bowl or glass. (Save it for a tropical cocktail or just drink if you want!)

Step 4: Carefully remove the pineapple core at its base, using the small knife.

Step 5: Pat the inside dry with paper towels.

Step 6: Cut two triangles for eyes.

Step 7: Cut the mouth.

Step 8: Light it up by inserting the flameless candle, and put the top back on your pineapple. Voilà! You’re done!