Celine Dion Returns To Acting

And that's the way it is!

Celine will be a part of a new romantic drama starring Outlander’s Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra.


The movie is tentatively titled Text For You and is an English-language remake of the 2016 German movie with the same name.


It follows a grieving widow who starts sending romantic text messages to her dead fiance’s cell phone without realizing his number has already been reassigned to another man, also recovering from a heartbreak.


They eventually meet and hook up, with Dion’s music giving them the strength to go on….


This is the third acting gig for Celine.  Dion appeared in Muppets Most Wanted in 2014, and also previously starred in a French-Canadian TV miniseries Des fleurs sur la Neige back in 1991.