Chuck E. Cheese Wants to Destroy 7 Billion Paper Tickets

Where could you store that many tickets?

One of my earliest memories is when my uncle took me and my brothers to a Chuck E Cheese somewhere in or near Pickering. I was 5 or 6 and I LOVED it ! Skeeball was the only game I remember playing. I loved playing a round then looking down to see a huge string of tickets waiting for me.

CEC Entertainment Inc., the parent company to the iconic entertainment restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese, has filed for bankruptcy. One of the deals that have recently asked the courts to approve is the destruction of 7 billion paper Prize Tickets. That’s “enough tickets to fill approximately 65 forty-foot cargo shipping containers” according the court filing.

While some Chuck E Cheese locations are still running, they’ve moved to digital tickets because of COVID-19 concerns.

The tickets were half the fun of going, I think!


Image: Chuck E. Cheese´s Mall Aventura Plaza Trujillo by Eteixido. CC BY-SA 4.0