Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

Do you make these common housekeeping mistakes?

No doubt, we’ve all been cleaning a lot more lately, mainly out of boredom!  But, are you cleaning properly? There are some things you may be cleaning wrong… Here are five tips!



Dusting surfaces with a dry rag is a big no-no!  Put down the duster and vacuum when trying to eliminate dust, because you’re just moving it around and it ends up in the air.  Use a damp rag or mop.

Not Washing Your Pillows!  We wash our pillowcases weekly, I hope!  Most pillows have a tag giving instructions on how to wash them, but do we actually?  Your pillow may be subject to dust mites, body oils, and bacteria from your drool.  Gross!

Cleaning stainless steel in circular motions.  Stainless steel is the worst to clean.  Just one touch on your fridge and it needs a polish. The trick is to find the grain in the stainless steel and follow that. Don’t clean in a circular motion, you’ll leave marks when it dries.

Clean the switches and remotes. Light switches and remote controls are two highly overlooked housekeeping areas. Cold viruses lurk in such places, from sneezing or coughing into your hand and then immediately flipping on the TV or light.  Grab a Lysol wipe and clean those areas…a lot!

Washing your windows on a sunny day! Don’t clean your windows on a sunny day.  That’s usually when you’re motivated as you see how dirty they actually are. But glass cleaner dries really fast, so streak marks are likely.