During The Holidays, At What Point Will You Need A Break From Your Family?

It doesn’t take long!

A new survey found the average person can only go 3 hours and 54 minutes with their family before they need a break.  And only 25% of us can be with them for long stretches of time without going nuts.

95% of people did agree though that spending time with family around the holidays is important to them, 75% of us do need a break!


Here are five more stats . . .


1.  40% of people who are staying with family this year said it’s stressful.


2.  The top reasons we stay with family are to spend quality time with them, because we enjoy it, and because it’s cheaper, or more convenient than a hotel.


3.  30% said they’d enjoy the holidays more if they didn’t stay with family, and they’d all get along better too.


4.  The average person who’s staying with relatives will stay for three-and-a-half days.


5.  The hardest things about staying with family are the lack of privacy, people getting on each other’s nerves, and family drama.