Erection Cream Is Not For Plumping Your Lips

There are other ways to achieve a stiff upper lip!

TikTok cosmetician has taken to using erection cream to plump his soup coolers in a viral stunt that doctors are deeming dumb and dangerous.


The TikTok user says he saw a movie where the girl in the movie does it to plump her lips so he naturally wanted to try it.


@jerrybmaldonadoIf you know what movie I’m talking about please tell me because I want to watch it again ##beauty ##lips

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The creams use says to leave it on for five minutes in order for it to be effective, but the TikTok user wipes it off after three minutes because it started to burn.


In theory, the cream will plump your lips as it’s designed to facilitate blood flow, but doctors say NOT to try this!


Doctors say, the hack is “utterly ridiculous and can be extremely dangerous,” adding that the “temporary” procedure could lead to adverse reactions including soreness, swelling, and blisters, as well as blood pressure fluctuations and “possible heart problems.”