Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling appear to have pulled off a major coup by having a child in secret.

A birth certificate obtained by TMZ suggests the couple became parents again last month, when […]

A birth certificate obtained by TMZ suggests the couple became parents again last month, when little Amada Lee Gosling was born at Providence St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. Rumours of a pregnancy started swirling in February after the actress was spotted trying to hide what looked like a baby bump during a photo shoot in Los Angeles, but neither star commented on the reports. The couple’s first child, Esmeralda Amada, is 20 months old. ( Toronto Sun)


A Bahamian man pleaded guilty Monday to hacking into celebrities’ email accounts to steal unreleased movie and TV scripts, a crime that prosecutors say could have caused great harm to networks and movie studios if he had succeeded in selling them for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prosecutors say he was peddling personal information from at least 130 celebrities in the entertainment, sports and media industries and claimed he also could sell private sexually explicit photographs and videos. Knowles flew from the Bahamas to New York City to sell 15 scripts and personal information on several celebrities for $80,000 to a law enforcement agent posing as an interested buyer. So this guy is going to jail but got less time for agreeing to forfeit 25 unpublished TV and movie scripts and unpublished music….


a-league-of-their-own-cc5519ce-7815-43a2-bcb7-3054f7cf7541Cast of “League of their own” reunites” 24 years later! Six of the movie’s original cast members participated, including Tracy Reiner (Betty “Betty Spaghetti” Horn), Anne Ramsay (Helen Haley), Geena Davis (Dottie Hinson), Freddie Simpson (Ellen Sue Gotlander), Megan Cavanaugh (Marla Hooch) and Patti Pelton (Marbleann Wilkenson). Reunited and it feels so good! The cast of A League of Their Own reunited to play a game of softball at the Bentonville Film Festival in Bentonville, Arkansas, on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8. The exciting get-together comes 24 years after the iconic film was released in July 1992.


david brentRicky Gervais’ fussy character David Brent from the hit UK television show The Office is entering the music world. As part of the upcoming film David Brent: Life on the Road, Gervais is releasing a David Brent music album, RadioTimes reports.


selenaSelena Gomez is making it as clear as possible—she hears zero wedding bells for her and Justin Bieber.  Selena was performing in Fresno the other night when she spotted a fan with a sign that she didn’t like….In a vid posted to social media, Gomez is shown pointing at the girl to hand over the sign, which read “Marry Justin Please.” Gomez subsequently crumples the paper and throws it on the floor as she walks away and resumes singing.