UPDATE: Five Points Tower Gets Height Approval

Zoning Change-Up Allowing For Twenty-Storey Apartment Complex at Bayfield and Dunlop

A Five Points development may soon tower above the downtown. City Hall has given approval to a rezoning application allowing the construction of a high rise apartment building right at the Five Points in downtown Barrie. The parcel of land fronts both Bayfield and Dunlop, and even extends behind a few Dunlop St. businesses to nearby Maple Avenue. The proposed development calls for a 20 storey tower with commercial elements on the ground floor. The project was first proposed back in August, but the city’s bylaws didn’t allow for a structure of that height at the time, along with a few other proposed revisions not allowed by the city’s building rules. The application was set aside to wait for the final site design to be completed. This evening’s approval removes that restriction, meaning the 208-unit apartment building is that much closer to reality, while the rubber stamp on the decision came at last evening’s council meeting.