Greene Family Lights Are Back On

Drive by 4 Berkar St. in Angus from 7pm and 9pm

Greene Family Lights has been the brightest house in all of Angus for many years now during Christmas.

  • 4 Houses
  • Roof top jumbotron
  • 850,000+ LED lights
  • The entire show is synchronized to music

The Christmas displays are put away for the season but there are still A LOT of lights up on the house.

Greg Greene is flipping the switch back on to add some positive light at night and the timing couldn’t be better.

Take a peak (below) at Greene Family Lights display that families can enjoy located at 4 Berkar St. in Angus from 7pm – 9pm.

A little reminder that we’re all in this together and the positive light is shining bright!