Guy Spends $4000 On Giant Status To Give His Entire Town The Finger

That’s Sweet!

So there’s a guy in Westford, Vermont by the name of Ted Pelkey, who perhaps got tired of walking around town flipping everyone the bird.

So he had a statue built to stand over the residents so everyone could know just how he feels…

Why so much anger?  It was over a permit to build a garage.  He had been trying to build this garage to store items from his business.  The process went back and forth for years; so after 10 years, Ted snapped!

The figure is directed at the town leaders who had been in a battle over the 8,000 square foot garage.

When he was turned down, he commissioned the statue for $4000. It’s made of a 700-pound block of pine and stands on top of a 16-foot high pole.  Oh, and the finger is surrounded by flood lights so people can see it day or night!

As for the statue builder?  He says “its the most wonderful thing he’s ever built and completely legit as it belongs in the category of public art!”