How Much Would You Spend To Have A Day With No Stress?

Do you remember a day that was stress-free in the past six months?

So a new survey asked people:  How much would you pay to have one single day with zero stress?



Many people say they’ve been putting others before themselves, so much that it’s increased their stress levels. 64% said they’ve prioritized others in their lives, going above and beyond for at least four people regularly.


Despite spending more time at home, almost 60% of people are struggling with self-care amid the pandemic. The average person only takes 25 minutes for themselves daily.



So how much is a stress-free day worth to you?  When respondents were asked, the top answer was at least $500.



There’s a paradox at play because money is one of the most common sources of stress, so if you dropped a lot of money on a stress-free day, spending that money would lead to more stress?


The survey also found one in five people say they feel DRAINED most days, and 13% say they constantly feel exhausted.



The top wellness aspects that people need help with are:

Energy: 45 percent
Sleep: 40 percent
Immunity: 35 percent
Focus: 34 percent
Weight: 34 percent