IKEA Introduces A Giant ‘Turkey-Sized’ Holiday Meatball!


When paired with all the traditional Christmas trimmings, IKEA says it is designed to be the centrepiece of any festive family meal.

Just in time for the holidays, IKEA has supersized its food offering by releasing a jumbo “turkey-sized” meatball!

“It’s big. It’s tasty. It’s a proper Christmas showstopper,” announced the Scandinavian furniture giant on Instagram. “Introducing the IKEA Turkey-Sized Meatball. Find out how to get your mittens on one soon.”

One caveat is the giant meatball will only be sold in UK stores.

Like with its normal-sized counterparts, the jumbo version is accompanied by the signature lingonberry jam and creamy sauce.

Best of all, this belle of the meatball comes in a box, making it convenient to shove in the oven for a “Lazy girl” Christmas dinner.

For those who follow a plant-based diet, IKEA is also offering a Veggieball Christmas Tree. This has been created using lots of veggie balls from the IKEA range and the kit comes complete with a cone-shaped base to create a do-it-yourself plant-based showstopper.