Introducing The Shoe Condom!

Tired Of Your Shoes Always Getting Dirty? No Problem!

They will protect your trainers from unwanted dirt and grime!

There’s nothing better than a brand new pair of shoes and wearing them out for the first time!  And then its over- they get scuffed and dirty…

A company called Firebox has a solution!  The shoe condom and it’s exactly what it sounds like; but for your feet! They are little rubber shields to pull over your shoes that you’re so desperate to protect.

To be clear, they aren’t like those rubber slip ons that your dad puts on his loafers in the winter, they are transparent and subtle so you can still see your designer kicks! 

According to the marketing team, the condoms are waterproof, dirt-proof, machine washable, dishwasher safe, and have gripping on the bottom to stop you sliding around.