It Takes Three Days For Your Feet To Stop Hurting After You Wear Uncomfortable Shoes!

But they're so pretty!

You go out, you wear those spectacular shoes- your feet start to hurt after an hour-but its totally worth it.  Or is it?

Are you prepared for two hangovers?  One from the booze, and one from keeping your feet squeezed in tight shoes all night.

According to a new study, it takes the average person THREE-AND-A-HALF DAYS for their feet to completely stop hurting after they wear uncomfortable shoes.  

And since we wear uncomfortable shoes approximately twice a month, that adds up to more than 12 weeks of recovery time in a year, or three entire months.

The study also found one in eight people have a pair of shoes that are the wrong size, but they keep wearing them because they like the style. 

And one in three people have shoes that are “sit down only,” meaning you’ll wear them when you’re sitting, but you can’t actually walk in them.

The problem with this is that you could be cause damage to your feet.  Some people will find that the shape of their feet change entirely over the years, making them more suited to wide shoes or slim fit.  Podiatrists warn that wearing uncomfortable shows can cause back and neck problems also.