Kanye West Launches College Fund For George Floyd’s Daughter!

Plus he donates $2 million to other charities…

West has donated to several pro-black Lives Matter organizations following the protests in favour of the movement.  Kanye first started his contribution by establishing a college found for Mr. Floyd’s daughter, Giana.  Floyd was one of the African-American citizens whose recent deaths have sparked the protests.


Additionally, the rapper has pledged to pay legal costs for the families of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and will make financial contributions to Black-owned businesses in his hometown of Chicago.  Both Arbery and Taylor are two more African-American citizens that have died at the hands of police.


On Thursday  Kanye West was spotted at a “Justice for George Floyd/CPD out of CPS” rally in Chicago after he spoke with organizers of the event.  Protests in favour of the Black Lives Matter movement have spread across the globe since Floyd’s May 25 death.