Lady Gaga Delays “Chromatica” Album Due To Global Pandemic

She says “it just doesn’t feel right”

Mother monster shared a message on twitter Tuesday explaining that she will be delaying her much anticipated album ‘Chromatic’ due to COVID-19.


Her message reads:

“This is such a hectic and scary time for all of us, and while I believe art is one of the strongest things we have to provide joy and healing to each other during times like this, it just doesn’t feel right for me to release this album during this global pandemic.”

“Instead I prefer we spend this time focusing on finding solutions,” she continues. “It’s important to me that the attention is on getting essential medical equipment to health care professionals, making sure kids who depend on public schools for meals get the assistance they need, and that we help those that will be financially impacted by this pandemic.”



The album was to be released on April 10th everywhere. No word on if her limited tour will go ahead for this summer.