Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foundation Pledges $5 Million To Help Stop The Amazon Fires

The Amazon fired are burning at an alarming rate and the situation is pretty bad…

According to Brazil’s INPE, the National Institute for Space Research, about 1.5 soccer fields worth of rain forest are being destroyed every single minute.  People are finally paying attention thanks to a tweet that went viral.


The Amazon is known as the “the lungs of the world” and it’s pretty true. It’s a vital source of carbon for our planet that slows down the rate of global warming.

The rain forest has been burning for weeks and hasn’t really gotten much media coverage.  With that, Leo started a brand new “Amazon Forest Fund” through his organization Earth Alliance, and it’s through this fund that the five million dollar donation came about.

On Sunday, the organization announced that donations will go “directly to local partners and the indigenous communities protecting the Amazon.”

Canada is pledging $15 million with Water Bombers to Help!