Letter Supporting Patrick Brown, Protest Against Him

Dozens of Women From Across Simcoe Sign Open Letter

A group of local women have signed an open letter voicing support for Patrick Brown. It’s Titled We Stand for Fairness, We Stand for Patrick Brown, and contains dozens of signatures of women from around Simcoe County. The letter states the signees support creating an environment where women can come forward with statements of sexual harassment and assault, that everyone has a right to feel safe, but that it should not come at the expense of the accused’s rights; the accused deserves to know the details of the allegations, and those behind them too.


Meanwhile, a protest is planned at Barrie City Hall Monday evening, organized by a group called Pulling Roots Simcoe. Those in attendance are encouraged to wear an ‘x’ taped over their mouths to represent the silencing of victims of sexual violence and harassment. The protest begins at 6:45, coinciding with the Barrie council meeting scheduled at 7:00.