Lisa Kudrow Has Already Shot Parts of The Friends Reunion Special…

They will be there for you, soon!

It was last March when the cast of ‘friends’ was to get together in front of a live studio audience to shoot the highly anticipated ‘Friends’ reunion when the pandemic hit.


Like many other shows, the reunion special has been delayed to the point where some felt it may never happen.

Former ‘Friends’ star Lisa Kudrow has some more details about the show’s cast getting back together. The 57-year-old who portrayed Phoebe Buffay (and for a short time Princess Consuela Banana Hammock), told Rob Lowe on his podcast, “Literally with Rob Lowe” that they’re officially shooting the HBO Max special in the spring


But Lisa Kudrow says it’s in full swing because she has already filmed “a little something” for the show.


The ‘Friends’ special is aiming to be released in early spring.