LOOK: Tom Hanks Takes Headshot With Toronto Fan’s Headshot

He WINS At Being Fan-Friendly

Tom Hanks is my favourite.

A Toronto woman named Zena Gopal sent Tom fan mail, praising him for his role in the movie ‘That Thing You Do!’, and she also asked the A-lister if he would take a selfie with a picture of her own selfie.

It was part of a bet she made with her friends to see who could get someone famous to respond to them with a selfie with their own selfie. And it looks like Zena is going to cash in on the bet!


Two weeks later, Tom not only sent back the picture of him holding her picture, but also a nice long note too! He explained why he hadn’t shaven because of role he’s preparing for, and also mentioned that Toronto is a “Damn fine town. Growing fast, all those condo towers down on the lake. Nice views.”

(Images Source: Imgur)