Making A Difference; Barrie Couple Helping Women In Transition

Providing affordable housing for those in need

A lot of people talk about the need for affordable housing, but few jump into the effort to make it happen. Meet Tim and Rhonda Kent of Redwood Park Communities in Barrie, who have been helping women and children in transition with affordable housing since May 2013 – giving them a place to live, to recharge, to get their lives back on track…

Fifty-two women and 60 children have been given a new start with Redwood’s help, but they could use a hand with funding for new buildings and second suites, furnishings and household items. They’re also involved in the plan announced this week to turn an Essa Road motel into affordable housing units. Click here to be directed to the Redwood Communities website. Listen below to hear more about how they’re making a difference.