Margot Robbie Offered Hundreds of Thousands To Sell Photos of Her Feet

Some people love feet!

The Barbie star has been offered a ton of cash to share photos of her feet by Liz, a popular creator on Fun with Feet, a platform where people can buy and sell their feet pictures…

The platform is offering her $428K…

In a letter to the ‘Barbie’ star, Liz wrote: “Dear Margot,

“My name is Liz and I make thousands selling feet pics on Fun With Feet… I also look a lot like you. Barbie is all women, but we really are Barbie – Stereotypical Barbie, anyway.

“I would love to collaborate with you on some Barbie-inspired content that’ll earn us both millions. Plus, Fun with Feet is offering to pay you £250K ($428CND) as a starting bonus. If I’m right, we’ll be able to capitalize on our likeness – and the world’s obsession with all things Barbie – to no end, all thanks to our feet!

“Fun With Feet is the best feet-seller platform online and as a lot of my customers already come to me because I look like Margot (and Barbie) 2.0, I know our partnership would be hugely popular. Stereotypical Barbie’s feet are an insane earner, trust me.

Liz has also extended the offer to Ryan Gosling, who stars alongside Margot in the ‘Barbie’ movie.