Most Men Feel ’Emotionally Closer’ To Their Dog Than Any Other Human Being

A new study suggests that men may love their dogs more than any human in their lives.

Research by US psychologist Dr Chris Blazina suggests that many men find their relationship and attachment to their dog to be more secure than their closest human relationships.

In one nationwide study in the US, men were asked to compare their closest human and animal companion on how their bond felt.  62% of men said they felt a closer bond with their dog, suggesting that men have closer emotional connections with their pets than with the humans in their lives.

Another study suggests that the older a man gets-middle age and beyond- their dog is even more significant to them with middle ages men relying more heavily upon their animal’s companionship for emotional support!

According to the article, 

‘This was important because research suggests that social support networks really shrink as men age – to about the size of a postage stamp; men have their significant other and their dogs.’