Natural Gas Rates Rising Next Month

A little for Enbridge customers; a lot for those with Union gas

Natural gas rates are going up April 1 for customers in Ontario, particularly for those served by Union Gas. The Ontario Energy Board has approved rate increases for Enbridge that will see the average customer pay an additional eight dollars a year. For those serviced by Union Gas, the average customer in the north-west will pay an extra $50.30 a year, an increase of $40.76 for customers in the north-east and an extra $20.20 per year for southern Ontario customers. In its decision the OEB says the large increases are mostly due to previous credits expiring. Despite the rate changes, the OEB says customers are still paying significantly less than they were at peak periods in 2009 and 2014, when natural gas costs were higher in Ontario due to factors including high market prices and unusually cold weather.

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