New Fantasy Survey Reveals Which Celebrity Is Favoured As The Next President Of The United States!

If the United States was going to elect another celebrity for President, who would it be?

The Daily Show and YouGov got together to poll Americans to find out which celebrity would make a good president!


Those participating in the survey were given the names of two randomized public figures in a series of head-to-head matchups and asked which they would rather make the president of the United States.


The people have spoken: Morgan Freeman should be the next celebrity president of the United States.  Freeman was picked for president 81 percent of the time in the match-up questions given.  The Runner up was Denzel Washington with 76% of the votes.


Tom Hanks and Samuel L. Jackson tied for third at 73%. “The Rock” Johnson (72%) round out the top five. The only celebrity officially running in 2020, Kanye West, won only 30 percent of his matchups.