New Pub In London Opens For Runners! You Pay For Pints Based On The Miles You Run!

Let beer be your motivation to run!

The new pub, called the Runaway Pub in Soho London was opened by New Balance in hopes to create a social setting for runners.

Best part is, there is no money exchanged at this pub.  Your currency is based on how many miles you run…

Here’s how this works, you go for a run, then you log the number of miles you ran on the app, Strava…

The more miles you put in, the more booze you’ll be paying for. Which is the best fitness motivation we have ever heard.

New Balance says, When you join the Strava challenge, you’ll receive a Runaway Card, which you can add to the wallet on your phone. The card will automatically fill up with the miles they’ve run and can be used to exchange miles for pints in the pub. simple.

There are some challenges also every month to keep runners motivated, and just to make it interesting.

Runners can then redeem their pints every Sunday between 8 March – 29 March between 12pm-5pm at The Runaway Pub.

All those pints will make you pee… So while you’re in the bathroom of the Runaway pub- you’re encouraged to leave messages and motivations on the wall- Pens provided!

Let Beer be your motivation!