Now Where Did I Put That $100,000..?

Money Recovered After Being Stashed in TV in The 80's

It’s a little hard to forget about $100,000, at least you’d think it would be. A television set that was due to be broken down at a Barrie recycling depot last month, was found to contain a cash box and banking record dating back to the mid-80’s. The whole thing was handed over to police, who dug deeper through the paperwork. They were able to find a 68-year-old man who was able to lay claim to the large chunk of cash in the TV, and even explained where it came from. He’d hidden about 100 grand in inheritance inside the television back in the 80’s for a rainy day, and forgot about it when the set was passed to a family friend. That friend was unaware even after dropping the TV off to be recycled over a year ago.