Pornhub Has Donated 50,000 Surgical Masks To New York City Emergency Workers.

They are also offering Free-streaming for the month of April!

Pornhub has donated 50,000 surgical masks to New York City emergency workers.  They’re also making their premium service FREE for 30 days to encourage people to stay inside.


Pornhub says its all about protection!  And they to want to help.  The Smut-streaming giant has donated 50,000 surgical masks to New York City-area workers on the front lines.  Also, as a bonus, they have opened up their library of material for free.


The company made the announcement Tuesday as medical workers in NY and elsewhere are facing a shortage of protective gear as the virus is overwhelming health care providers.


Joe Calderone, senior vice president at Long Island’s Mount Sinai South Nassau hospital, said that the masks are critical and they were happy to relieve 20,000 from Pornhub adding, 

“They will help keep our nurses, physicians and support staff safe from infection while caring for those who are stricken with the disease.”


Pornhub says the rest of the masks were delivered and distributed to  FDNY EMS, emergency medical technicians and fire inspectors.  The company also said it is donating $54,00 to help organizations in Germany, Italy and Spain buy additional masks and medical equipment.


Pornhub says it is also helping its employees, by donating proceeds from video sales in April to its models.  Pornhub’s Premium service, which normally costs $9.99 a month, will be free worldwide for the next 30 days to encourage people to stay inside and stem the spread of the virus, the company said.