Premier In Barrie to Defend Hydro Plan

Wynne Asking Residents To Wait For Their First New Bill Before Judging Plan

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was in town today, to tout her government’s plan to provide hydro relief, at a local business. The Premier toured J’adore Cheese and Chocolate on Dunlop, before speaking about how a 25 per cent hydro rate reduction will help businesses like that one, but I asked her what she’d say to folks who think this so called hydro rate relief is too little too late, she said they’ve gotta be patient and wait for their bill to come in.

She adds this isn’t a move to garner more votes in the 2018 provincial election.

The Liberal Government earlier this month announced a 25 per cent reduction in hydro costs earlier this month, by spreading the cost of paying back infrastructure costs over a longer period of time, a plan PC Leader Patrick Brown said was like “robbing Peter to pay Paul;” that Ontarians will have to deal with over $25 million in interest charges over the next thirty years.