UPDATE: Relentless “Ice Storm” Forces Evacuations In Innisfil In Mock Emergency

Newsman Brett Glover takes us inside the evacuation centre


Kool Fm news anchor Brett Glover is among the 40 or so volunteer ‘evacuees’ taking part in this week’s emergency exercise at the Innisfil YMCA…

The exercise wrapped up in the early afternoon, and if Brett learned one thing from this exercise, it’s the importance of having a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit. If this had been a real emergency, Brett would have had to go to the evacuation shelter without one. With a kit, he’d be able to wait at home, either for help to arrive or for the disaster to come to an end. After getting very little sleep on a cot in a crowded gymnasium, Brett recommends everyone get a kit together. Have a look below at a handy check list provided by the County of Simcoe. Visit the County website for more information.

Emergency Survival Kit Checklist

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Radio and batteries/crank powered radio
  • First-aid kit
  • Candles and waterproof matches/lighter
  • Extra car and house keys
  • Cash in the form of small bills and coins
  • Copies of important papers for each member of your family e.g. passport and birth certificate
  • Canned foods, energy bars, dried foods (consume and replace at least once per year)
  • Bottled water — 2L/person/day for drinking and an additional 2L/person/day for food preparation and hygiene (replace at least once per year)
  • Manual can opener, bottle opener
  • Cutlery
  • Cooking pot
  • Disposable cups and plates
  • Garbage bags and smaller resealable bags
  • Clothing and footwear, one change/person
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Toilet paper and other personal items
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • Non-latex gloves, dust masks
  • Medications (one week supply)
  • Backpack/duffel bag
  • Whistle
  • Basic tools — hammer, pliers, wrench, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Small fuel driven stove and fuel
  • Playing cards, games


Simcoe County emergency services put their skills to the test today in a mock evacuation. The scenario is an ice storm that began Sunday and has yet to let up. Cathy Clark, Simcoe County’s Manager of 911 and Emergency Planning says an evacuation shelter will be set up at the Innisfil YMCA with evacuees arriving by mid-morning…

The evacuees range in age from young children to senior citizens, each with a specific role to play…

A number of emergency vehicles will be staged in the back parking lot at the Innisfil Rec Complex. Again, it is just an exercise. Do not be alarmed when you pull into the lot.

Listen below for more on this exercise…