Ryan Reynolds Has Found A New Way To Raise Money For COVID-19

Ryan is now selling T-shirts that are ‘Boring As F**k.” Lovely!

Proceeds from the shirts will benefit healthcare workers and communities most impacted by COVID-19.

Reynolds just wants to be bored again he explains…

“Don’t you miss boring?” he asks. “Well, today we’re uniting to bring boring back as quickly as possible. So quickly that it gets exciting. We’re asking every Canadian to purchase this T-shirt and, as you can see, it’s boring as f**k. It’s a black shirt, white type, not even a Serra font.”


In the short video released on Twitter, Ryan jokes about the shirt being so boring that it can make you invisible, adding that his mother-in-law has been looking for him for days… LOL!

Ryan also explains way he is doing this…

“Why are we doing this?” he adds. “Well, 100 per cent of the proceeds of this horrific shirt are going to go to buying PPE (personal protective equipment) to frontline personnel and our most vulnerable communities.”


Buy your ‘Boring as F**K’ T Shirt Here