Storm Produces Rare Simultaneous Waterspouts over Lake Simcoe

Rare waterspouts captured off Georgina Island

Waterspouts are pretty rare over Lake Simcoe. Multiple simultaneous waterspouts are unheard of. It’s why the picture Wendy G submitted to the group Ontario Tornado Watch is so rare. Two waterspouts were visible off Georgina Island over Lake Simcoe Thursday evening with a third funnel cloud visible.

“Twins! Looks like the storm over Lake Simcoe earlier this evening produced multiple waterspouts at once. There’s at least 2 touching the water, but a third funnel cloud to the left of the picture could be another waterspout. Brennen P. Ontario Tornado Watch.”

What is a waterspout?

It’s a columnar vortex or weaker than a tornado over land. Waterspouts are typically attached to a cumuliform coud, cumulus congestus cloud or cumulonimbus cloud.

Photo credit: Wendy G, Ontario Tornado Watch Facebook page.

Are they common?

While they do pop-up over our great lakes, waterspouts typically happen in tropical areas, like Florida.

A waterspout near Florida. Photo: Dr. Joseph Golden, Historic NWS Collection