Study Says Alone Time Is More Important Than Date Night With Your Partner

There was a poll of 2,000 people say that “me time” on a regular basis is super important. 

You do you!

The poll was conducted for massage company to examine self-care routines and “me-time” habits.  The results showed that the ideal amount of “me-time” is 51 minutes per day or about six hours each week.

Most people in the survey said that me time was more important than having a date night with their partner!  In fact, 41% of people said they would leave their person if they didn’t get alone time.

So how does one practise alone time?

60% watch TV
56% read a book
42% listen to podcasts
38% exercise

This is what triggers “Me-time”


  1. Stress at work: 50 percent
  2. The holidays: 47 percent
  3. Stress at home: 47 percent
  4. Having family in town: 45 percent
  5. Lack of sleep: 38 percent
  6. Being sick myself: 36 percent
  7. A sick child: 30 percent
  8. A death in the family: 28 percent
  9. A sick partner/spouse: 28 percent
  10. Getting fired: 25 percent