Swedish City Dumps Chicken Poop In Park To Deter Crowds

That’s one way to keep people away from public spaces.

Canadian’s look forward to the May 2-4 weekend as the first unofficial long weekend of the summer!  This year will look very different due to social distancing restrictions.  However; authorities are worried about people heading to their cottages and gathering in public parks and on beaches…


Perhaps they could try this?

Although there is no lockdown in Sweden right now, authorities are still trying to keep mass crowds from gathering!   Tens of thousands of people usually descend on a southern city to celebrate Walpurgis Night, which is marked across Scandinavia.  This tradition happens on April 30th to May 1st… People gather and light huge bonfires! 

To ensure that people wouldn’t gather and start another spread of COVID-19, officials dumped a ton of chicken poop in the parks and set it on fire!

It’s a win win situation!  The lawns at the parks get fertilized and it keeps people away!