The Keurig For Alcohol Can Make Anything From Cocktails To Wine Instantly


Your wish has been granted. At some point, you probably asked yourself why isn’t there a machine that can make mixed alcoholic beverages instantly- just like a Keurig? 

Well, Keurig thought the same thing apparently!

A company owned by Keurig and Anheuser-Busch called Drinkworks has just announced the Drinkmaker. The machine is essentially a Keurig but strictly for alcohol.

You load a pod into the machine press start and out comes your drink. No more going to the liquor store and buying every form of alcohol and mixer. The pods will be all you need; you could bring your own pods to a party if they have a Drinkmaker.   You’ll be able to make different wines, cosmos, and other mixed drinks with all the different kinds of pods. 

According to the Drinkworks website, each pod is “A crafted combination of premium spirits and natural flavours that make delicious and perfectly balanced cocktails.”

If you’re looking to get a Drinkmaker in time for summer, you’re going to have to wait a while. The Drinkworks Drinkmaker is only being sold at stores in St. Louis as part of a pilot program.