The Top Google Searches Since Game 5 Of The NBA Finals

People want to know "How old is Drake?"

After The Golden State Warriors won game five of the NBA finals, forcing a game 6 in Oakland, California- fans from both sides of the border where googling information about the Raptors and Drake!


The top google searchers about Drake from Gold State Fans include:

  1. How old is Drake
  2. Who is Drake trolling the Warriors
  3. How much does it cost to put up a billboard
  4. Who does Drake take with him to the Raptors games
  5. Why do they call Drake Aubrey


Top search about Toronto include:


  1. Where does Kawhi live in Toronto
  2. Why is Toronto called 6
  3. How long is the flight from Toronto to Oakland
  4. Who were the Raptors before Toronto
  5. Why is Toronto’s basketball team called the Raptors


Top search about The Raptors from Oakland residents:



  1. When was the last time the Raptors made the finals
  2. Why are the raptors in the NBA
  3. How long have the Raptors been in the NBA
  4. When did the Raptors score 105 game
  5. What Bay Area radio station is the Warriors game on
  6. How much was a ticket for Raptors tonight